• Web hosting – Cost-effective, accessible, and professional-grade.
  • Database design & implementation – Dynamically-driven websites and advanced data solutions underpin our solutions where appropriate.
  • Social Media – It’s a mystery, but doesn’t have to be. We empower our customers to understand and utilize Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media outlets effectively.
  • Commercial photography – All of our photography is produced in-house, ensuring consistent quality and lower costs to our customers.
  • Video production & editing – Professional quality without compromise.
  • Network Services – If your organization needs internet, wireless, or networking services that are headache free, we can make it happen.
  • E-Commerce – Sell online effectively and efficiently.
  • Search engine optimization – We will give you the best chance to rank well with Google and other search engines…ethically.
  • Branding – Strengthen your identity, and put together a strategy to identify and reach your target customers. Your brand is your promise, and we can assist you.
  • Filemaker development – Solutions for managing corporate information (sales, contacts, inventory) that are accessible to your employees without a Master’s in IT. All of our designs are responsiveĀ and work beautifully onĀ desktops, laptops, iPads/tablets, iPhones/Android.


  • We design & host web sites…and so much more. Our aesthetic follows a model of clean, beautiful design based on user experience and technical efficiency. Social media, branding, marketing consulting, and database development are our focus.
  • We value secure and cost-efficient designs. Get the point across to your customers without a lot of buzzwords.
  • Our personnel have worked within technology and industry for years, including projects directly involved in advanced technologies (remote sensing/satellite imagery), aviation (FEDEX, UPS, commercial aviation), research (National Science Foundation), and cellular networks (Verizon).


web design, athens, georgia

We love working with companies and organizations on a budget because these designs are often the most efficient and effective.

  • We understand that contemplating web development and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) can be overwhelming both in concept and cost.
  • We work with large organizations and small. The most important criteria is the pursuit of aesthetic in service to the goal.

Example: Small organization: Huston Platt’s Dixie Twister
Developed in honor of Huston Platt, the Dixie Twister website celebrates the life of this member of multiple racing hall of fames. Visit the Dixie Twister website. athens georgia web design

  • From php/Mysql to Filemaker, we have you covered when it comes to data-driven solutions. What is Filemaker? Filemaker is owned by Apple and is used widely in data management, especially in networked situations and certain data-driven web applications.
  • E-Commerce
  • Advanced Reporting


Below: Custom reporting and record-keeping application developed on top of Filemaker: used to track manufacturing over the past twenty years, service calls, and warranty claims.web design oconee county georgia